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This is my first game, I would appreciate it if you gave it a fair rating after playing as to help on the quality of future titles.

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Disclaimer (Contains Mild Spoilers)

This game contains a section involving a dark room and another area involving intentionally glitchy graphics and disorienting music. It's probably not scary to most people, but some may still get a mild spook out of it. This is not a horror game, promise.


Take control of a nameless blob-person-thing and traverse through 18 levels within the nonexistent time limit. Don't worry if you die along the way, we'll send in some clones to replace you if you couldn't make it. Good luck on reaching the door!

What the Story Could Be About

  • Maybe you play as an alien trying to escape an inhumane testing facility?
  • After recovering from your accident involving bleach, a razor, and a skilled barber, you wake up in a mysterious monochrome building with death traps all around?
  • You could be playing as a door addict who seeks to go through as many doors as possible just because they can and are willing to do so at any cost.
  • (Insert potential alternate storyline here)


  • 18 levels in escalating difficulty (for the most part)
  • It has a soundtrack that you can listen to with your ears
  • Invisible death counter to track how many times you died, it keeps counting but you can't see the number
  • Secret bonus naked mode awarded to players who beat the game in five minutes or less
  • Graphics


Here's a list of the controls, It's also included in the game if you didn't read down this far, but if you are reading down this far then it's here too.

MouseClicks things, only used in menus
Left Arrow KeyMove player left (not guaranteed)
Right Arrow KeyMove player right (not guaranteed)
ZJump (not guaranteed)
XInteract (not guaranteed)
MExit to main menu
Alt + f4Unlocks super secret extra options

For The Best Experience

  • Put on your headphones
  • Plug in a keyboard and mouse
  • Play in the dark for fullscreen (just kidding)


Special thanks to my friends and sibling for testing out my game back when it was a buggy mess and providing (mostly) constructive feedback, helping it to become the less buggy mess it is today.


Soundtrack composed by LCD Noir. You can buy the game's OST below if you want to support future releases as well as nabbing the tunes from the game.

Game created by Cartridge Tilt Games


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Jümper_Win64.zip 23 MB
Jümper_Win32.zip 23 MB
Jümper_OSX.zip 25 MB
Jümper_Linux64.zip (Untested) 24 MB
Jümper_Linux32.zip (Untested) 24 MB

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Seriously good stuff.  Tried out the Linux64 build and didn't have any problems.

Controls are tight, the presentation is so good.  This feels really polished and solid.  The music compliments this nicely.

Would love this even more with a controller and option to change window size.  I don't think, though that these detract from the quality and enjoyment of the game.


Fun game. Excellent controls and challenging levels. Great job